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Friendship as a philosophical concept

Friendship is a problematic concept for philosophers because the basic idea in philosophy is that all people should be treated equally and in the same way. However, the core of friendship is precisely the opposite. We treat our friends better than others and make an effort to delight them. In other words, we treat our friends differently and unequally than others. From a philosophical point of view, friendship is immoral, which is an entirely unsustainable premise, because friendship is valuable and necessary to people. Without friendship, life would be empty.    Aleksander Nehamas (2008) is one of the few philosophers who has pondered the nature of friendship. He notes that our characters evolve in interaction with other people. Close friends play a vital role in the development of our character. The most outstanding value of friendship is that it helps us become the people we are. Since our friends have had an enormous impact on what kind of people we have become, it is bizarre how m

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